let’s talk for real

This is a podcast where we are aiming to become the biggest podcast of our millennial’s. To give our lost generation a voice and make a difference!

In this Episode we will be talking about

Did any of us enjoy or like education?

Is it good to be a failure?

Do you need to go to school to have a successful life?

Did school teach us the wrong topics?

In this Episode we will be talking about


Would there be less war without religion?

Even though we are now more connected due to Technology are we also less connected at the same time?

Are kids these day's more spoiled and disconnected from the outside world?  

On This Episode we go through Does Freedom of speech even exist? 

Do people of our generation ever even read books anymore?

how does our generation get there news?

Whats the sign of a good movie or TV show? And what makes it worth watching again?

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